• Anthony Evans - Something Beautiful Lyrics

    From the album Real Life / Real Worship

    That's the understatement of the century
    Of every single thing that You've done for me
    I keep asking why You never give up
    I keep asking why You love me so much

    I try to run away but You keep pursuing me
    I try hiding but You keep uncovering
    All the pain
    All the shame
    All the mistakes that I've made
    Then you take me, make me into something beautiful

    I hear You telling me to rise again
    Only You can make me a new man
    I can testify You never give up
    I'm amazed that I'm the one that You love

    I ran as far as I could
    Never knowing Your love would chase so hard after me
    Until my eyes would see
    There's nothing
    There's no one
    That could separate me from Your love

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    Writer(s): Jason Ingram; Anthony Evans