The band Anthem Lights first started when Chad Graham was working on a solo project with singer/songwriter Alan Powell. Once the two began writing songs together, they realized their music was better suited for a group, and the rest is history. Now consisting of Alan Powell, Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, and Joey Stampe, the band immediately impressed listeners with their vocal ability and in 2011, releasing their self-titled debut album featuring the songs, “Can’t Get Over You,” “Can’t Shut Up,” and “I Want To Know You Like That.” 

“These songs were born out of what we’ve experienced over the past couple of years, spiritually,” Alan Powell said. “We’ve had to learn some very difficult lessons about who God is and who we are. We’ve gone through moments where we felt really close to the Lord, really felt Him at work in our lives, and then very real moments when you feel you’re going around in circles and can’t find Him at all. I think we’ve just tried to be really honest about what that darkness feels like and yet make it clear that ‘the Light always wins.’”

From there, the band developed a huge fan base by releasing cover albums featuring their own versions of hit pop songs and mashups. In February 2014, Anthem Lights released You Have My Heart, a catchy album with an important message. “As followers of Christ, we were not made for this world," explains Alan. "We don't belong here. And all the self-doubt and insecurity and struggling to fit in, it's all part of believing the lie that we're supposed to be 'at home' here. God created us in His image--there's nothing to doubt about that! We're here to love others and be Christ in the world. The closer we get to Christ, to being what we were created to be in this world, our value of what this world values begins to fade."

In addition to their powerful voices and tight harmonies, Anthem Lights strives to use their music for a greater purpose. “So many people get up and chase what they chase,” says Caleb Grimm. “There’s no real reason to wake up in the morning, no real reason to live. But Christianity is supposed to be everything to us... it’s not just a free ticket to heaven. It’s everything. Pop music is just the medium we use to get the message out there.”

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