Singing worship music is nothing new to Andy Cherry. After working as a worship leader in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, Andy felt called to do something else. "That was the moment where I thought, 'OK, this is bigger than me, and I'd better get on board,” he says. “I'd better hold on for dear life and follow wherever God leads me.'" Not long after, Andy signed a record deal and released his first album, Nothing Left to Fear, in March of 2012.

The album, which he worked on with award winning producer Jason Ingram, chronicles Andy’s journey of faith. "I'm sure we've all had moments where we've felt like we've been attacked; even forsaken," he says. "The moments where you just want to say, 'My life is really messed up, and I think You have let this happen to me.' God can handle that, He's got really broad shoulders and He can handle your honesty and confusion, even your anger. His feelings aren't going to be hurt. He doesn't need us to sugarcoat things because He knows what we’re feeling. So when we are dancing around what we're actually feeling towards Him I think we do ourselves a disservice. In my writing and playing, I hope to point people to a broader view of God; to encourage them to dialogue in honesty, like David did.”

His song “Our God’s Alive” is a song about keeping hope even when pondering life’s tough questions. “Through my work in churches, I’ve witnessed people – for whatever reasons – shy away from asking hard questions,” explains Andy. “I think this hesitancy, or fear, keeps them from a closer relationship with God. Through these songs, I hope to help people work around that fear and find the love He intends for each of us.”

With his latest independent EP City of Lights, Andy continues to make music with a catchy rock sound and an inspirational message. "There's an understanding that comes when you start looking at yourself through God's eyes. And when you're finally able to communicate with Him on an honest level I think you're able to see yourself without a filter."


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