Abandon first came together as an independent band in 2002. Originally consisting of brothers Josh and Justin Engler, cousins Stevan and Dave Vela, and Bryan Fowler, the group called themselves Abandon after Joshua 22:3, which says, “God has directed us not to abandon any brothers.”

The band was discovered one night by a record executive who was having dinner next door to the venue where they were performing live. After releasing a slew of independent records, Abandon released their self-titled debut album in July of 2008.

Their album Control (April 19, 2011), featuring the songs, “Hero,” “Live it Out,” and "Feel It In Your Heart" is a record that dares to go to a vulnerable place. The place where we wrestle with the idea of having control over our lives. “Seeing something like the Northern Lights in person makes us marvel at the natural, God-orchestrated phenomenon happening in such a beautiful state outside of human control,” Josh Engler says. “Growing up, we were sheltered a bit and it’s interesting how your perspective of life changes. As we have toured, our core beliefs have remained intact, but it’s interesting how our ‘Northern Lights’ moments have changed our perspective. Who is ultimately in control? We basically want people to come away with an answer to ‘who’s controlling your life?’ We’re not really looking for a quick answer, but more to challenge your perspective and to provoke thought and motivation. It’s brave to question where you’re at and search out your heart.” 

Now consisting of Justin, Stevan and Dave, Abandon continues to be committed to reaching people with their music, and encouraging each other to grow as individuals. “We are a Christian rock band that started as a worship team. We started writing our own music and felt called to take our music and God’s message to the world, so we started calling churches and booking our own tours,” Justin explains. “Our music can be described as Switchfoot and U2 meets for coffee. Our influences are God, our parents, life, love, the Bible, and famous quotes. How we got where we are today is by God’s grace and a lot of hard work and prayer!” 

Abandon released “It Was Love,” as a single in June 2014 and it's featured on their new album Love Prevails (November 4, 2014).


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