Aaron Cole grew up in Bristol, VA, a small town resting right across the border from Tennessee. His dad, Kelly Cole, had a recording studio in their apartment. As a little boy, Aaron would sit in on sessions with his dad and uncle. His uncle was a Christian rapper and had a large impact on his life. Eventually, Aaron learned the lyrics to songs and got a chance to join in, he never looked back... 

“I started being around the studio so much that I mimicked his verses, rapping them back to him,” Aaron recalls.

He was three-years old when he started rapping and released his first album when he was four. As the years passed, Aaron continued honing his musical abilities and persevered through some times where he questioned if he should stay in the industry.

Now a seasoned musician, Aaron released his single “Right On Time (feat. tobyMac)” in 2017, at the age of eighteen. tobyMac, co-founder of Gotee Records and founding member of dc Talk, says this about working with Aaron:  

“He is extremely gifted, dedicated to his craft and truly passionate about God. Aaron is READY, ready to use his gift of music to light it up in a way that only he can, and the timing is perfect.”

Aaron's shared the stage with KB, 7eventh Time Down, Audio Adrenaline and Hollyn. His music offers an upbeat blend of R&B, hip-hop and rap and a unique perspective on God's perfect timing and faithfulness, which continues to play out in his life.

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