After years on the road playing live shows together, Kentucky natives and best friends, 7eventh Time Down held tight to their passion for making God-centered music. “We started our first band when I was just 12 years old. Austin our drummer was 11 at the time,” lead singer Mikey Howard explains. “We grew up together playing in different cover bands (a lot of Third Day and DC Talk) and when we all got out of school, God just placed the same desire in all of us to do music ministry. So we all sold what we could, bought a van and hit the road! Praise God! He has kept us all these years!”

Consisting of Mikey Howard, Eric Vanzant, Cliff Williams, and Austin Miller, the band aims to make music with a message and in 2011 released their debut album Alive in You. Their sophomore album Just Say Jesus, includes the songs "The One I'm Running To" and "Just Say Jesus," and reflects stories from the band speaks about their journey of coming to know Christ.

“For me, the biggest moment in my head was when I came to know Jesus. I grew up in the Bible belt, going to church every Sunday. I walked up front when I was eight years old because I'd seen all of my friends do it,” Mikey says. “Don't get me wrong. I was always intrigued by Jesus. It wasn't like I didn't love Him. But I never let Him change me. I never accepted Him as my Savior. I guess what I'm saying is that from the time I was eight until I was 15 years old, I just ran. I had all of these moments where I didn't have words.” 

He continues: “Even after I got saved, I went through my fair share of moments. We shared stuff like that when we were writing the song. For all of us, it was like, when you've got nothing left, when you've got nothing to say, there's still one name that is stronger and more powerful than all of the stuff in life. We forget, sometimes, as believers, to just call on the name. We hear it all of the time in church, but we forget to say it ourselves.”

With all the tours, albums (God Is On The Move released in 2015), and new projects, 7eventh Time Down's heart for ministry still remains the main focus. “I just hope that what I'm saying is so powerful and filled with so much truth, that it transcends the whole genre of rock and roll music,” Mikey shares. “I really hope that people feel inspired when they listen to our music and that they won't turn it off because they don't like rock and roll. I hope they like what I'm saying so much that they'll listen through the loud guitars.”

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