• 3for3 - Halfway Lyrics

    From the album 3For3 - The EP

    Sometimes I don't think I'm gonna make it.
    The world around me a little too weighted.
    My shoulders a little too jaded to carry it all on my own.
    It's so hard thinking about tomorrow.
    Where I wanna be and how far I have to go.
    When I need a little strength to borrow I know.

    You keep my heart beating when it's broken.
    You keep me on the move.
    Even on my darkest days.
    I know you will never fade.
    Your gonna finish everything you started.
    Your gonna see it through.
    Even when the seasons change.
    You don't love me you don't love me halfway.

    When you give you give without holding back.
    When you love you love with everything you have.
    When I fall your always in the aftermath.
    Lifting me out of the dust.
    To you there's no such thing as distance.
    You can take me anywhere even in an instant.
    But you must want me to go through this so I can trust.

    In a world that's failing, you remain consistent.
    Full on pursuit even when I'm resistant.
    On a bad day never ask to meet me have half way.
    Stretching out your hand give me the strength to walk your plan.
    Keep my heart beating even after the music stops.
    Keep my keep heart beating after the music stops.
    Ever lasting love that leads me high and never drops.
    Got on the cross to bleed for me and to bleed for you.
    Yeah you started this I have no doubt that your gonna see it through.