• 1GN - Guard Your Heart Lyrics

    From the album UNITE

    In the middle of this crazy messed up world we live in
    Surrounded by voices pressuring us to give in
    Believe me, I get it
    I know you wanna fit in
    Everybody's telling you
    What you're missing
    But don't listen to anything but the truth

    Know your worth ‘cause you are priceless
    More than gold, more than diamonds
    Be the light inside the dark
    Keep your faith and guard your heart
    It's where life, it's where love is
    Every beat has a purpose
    It holds everything you are
    Above all else
    Guard your heart
    Your heart
    Your heart
    Your heart
    Guard your heart

    Maybe you feel all alone like something's missing
    And all of your friends have found their prince charming
    Believe me, I get it
    You're so tempted
    To settle or give up on love
    But it's in God's timing
    You can't rush it, don't believe you are not enough

    I'm not saying to build a wall
    Just to trust that God won't let you fall
    I'm not saying to build a wall
    Just to trust that God's in control of it all

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    Writer(s): Lauryn Taylor Bach, Dave Wyatt, Molly Reed