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    We love hearing stories how God is using Air1 to impact lives and grow people closer to Jesus! It may be a song, something a DJ said or even something an Air1 listener did for you in your community!

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    Date: 9/15/2014 10:27 AM Story: I recently started a blog ( and I write while the child I nanny for is napping. Their family radio is always set to Air1, and about two weeks ago I was having the hardest time writing and I felt like I couldn't hear God's voice. I started praying and I turned on the radio and a song came on that just spoke life back into me and I felt direction from God again. Now before I ever try to write I just pray and listen to your station and every time the song that comes on is just what I need to hear. It's so wonderful to have a station that plays encouragemnt all day long to listen to while I work, and while I'm trying to write what I feel God wants me to say.
    Date: 9/15/2014 8:16 AM Story: I was separated from my husband, going through menopause and feeling lousy, heartbroken and undone. I was staying at a cousin's house and had a long commute to work. I kept listening to Christian radio and hearing "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North and thinking. That's me! I strived so hard to make my marriage work, to graduate, to please everyone. I was done! I had forgotten God's grace and benevolence. I looked at God's word as a choice between right and wrong instead of as a relationship. I was a Pharisee. Doing everything by the book and not living in God's grace for me. He eventually came to me in a dream after a weekend of bitter tears. I was running and He was chasing me. When He caught me I felt this overwhelming love and awe. I woke up for the first time in months without a knot in my stomach and feeling a love I can't explain. It was the beginning of my REAL relationship with the Lord. I can get mad, I can be authentic and STILL BE LOVED.
    Date: 9/14/2014 6:38 PM Story: After 20 years of marriage, my husband & I divorced. It left me a little lost in the beginning-I wasn't sure who I was anymore. I often asked myself "Who am I now?" I immediately started going back to church, something I'd been wanting to do for years. I joined a bible study about "What do you do when life gives you a plan B?" It totally fit my situation! We talked about how important it was to surround yourself with Jesus through reading the bible, being with believers, listening to Christian music. I was told about Air1... so many of the songs seemed like they were playing just for me. During this time, I continued to ask myself, "who am I now?" There was about a week that every time I got in the car and the radio was on, or I was at home and turned on the radio, the same song was on: Matthew West's "Child of the One True King." I would sing it to the top of my lungs! Then it finally hit me-God was telling me who I was!! I AM THE CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING!! That healed my heart & gave me such peace! A year later I still love that song and sing it out to the top of my lungs!! Thank you Air1 for being there for so many people out there that just need to hear over and over again how much they are loved!! Go God!!!! :)
    Date: 9/14/2014 12:26 PM Story: The song "Proof of Your Love" by 4K&C has a huge impact on my life and my walk with God. I heard it first at there concert in 2011. I bought my first NEW car and I turned on the radio and that song was playing. Right after that I moved for work 500 miles away by myself. When I moved, the most important thing to me was to find a church that I could get plugged into. I seen a flyer for a church at the local culvers and took a chance that Sunday. The church was starting a series called Proof. It was built all around the song. I was working as a manager and I told them I would like to go to church and we came to an agreement. During my fist couple of weeks it was working out. About a month later I was scheduled a 12 hour shift but was off before church Saturday night. I asked to leave but was told we don't have time for you to go to church. I told them I am going because I answer to God not them. Next day I was called into the "office" and they shipped me back to the store back home. I have since then quit working for that company and have an amazing job with a great boss that lets me go to church, concerts, and bible studies. I truly want to be Proof of God's Love.
    Date: 9/14/2014 11:59 AM Story: I have been in an abusive marriage for many years. I had prayed and finally have as my prayers answered. I became an alcoholic and had been suffering for awhile. 2 weeks ago, something happened and the Lord has blessed me. I have been sober ever since. I don't have the need, and most of all I can feel Him everywhere. It is possible to Love again, after so much pain and loss. Went to a church today, haven't been there before. The band was Awesome, I was so moved and very much blessed. Thank you oh Jesus for never giving up on me. I love you so. I am so thankful to my friend for seeing my need and that I have been reaching out and trying to find myself for the first time. Going through a divorce with 4 children seems hopeless. But everything is possible when you Believe. I hope for everyone to have that strength and never give up. Love Air1 and my friend that turned it on for me. Thank you Angela, you are truly an Angel. I have a lot of problems right now, but I do not worry, for God is in my life eternally.
    Date: 9/14/2014 10:48 AM Story: I am a professional driver and I was struggling with dealing with my Mother's mental illness, my son's drug addiction and an extreme disconnect from my husband. Air1 just held me up on those long drives, sobbing all over the steering wheel. One day I heard the song "When we come alive" by Switchfoot. God took me by the hand and told me first to wake up then to write. This is the last verse of the first poem I wrote: "Breaking the Chains" Julie Arnold-Lee "The storm across the Earth pauses while open oceans and the seas take their turn; Breaching the impure into salvation How can one measure heaven? The constellations descend; the inner core ascends The symmetry between right and wrong, good and evil They are intertwined; a mighty tornado twists and turns The gazing galaxy; they pierce no self-righteousness They reject all shame, they bury undo resentment; all revenge is submerged The Earth, she rattles, she shakes and rolls Her axis shifts its faith offering grace The windows of the inner world unmask to an awakening calm The broken chains slowly give way each steps she takes One by one, storm by storm, current by current, shelter by shelter Heaven unto heaven; sun beams confess the Son of God Giving onto mourning a quiet dawn." Thank you Air1, I will keep, living, giving and writing. And loving our lord!
    Date: 9/12/2014 11:27 AM Story: For years and years now every time we rent a car of course we have Air1 on listening but we also program all the stations to Air1 so when the next person that rents that car will be blessed with the AWESOME music of Air1!
    Date: 9/12/2014 9:10 AM Story: For years I have been in mental bondage. Although I loved God, I wasn't changing for the better. However, this year I have began transforming. I am in the BubbleBee stages of my spiritual walk but soon I will be Optimus Prime. This year I volunteered at the local chamber of commerce as an assistant to the president of the chamber. My first day was a day I'll never forget. I started up my computer and heard it. I heard the faint sound of a song coming through the speakers. "What if your blessings come through raindrops?" played softly as if a whisper from a dear friend. I looked up at my computer screen and searched for a way to turn it up. As tears welled up in my eyes I heard the confirmation I had been praying for. God was using the raindrops to change me all along. I will forever be indebted to my coworker for making this station a part of the start-up on the computer. I never fail to be uplifted and encouraged by this station. I listen to Air1 in my car now too. My kids know not to change my station and even my 4 yr old twins sing along to Royal Tailor,"Ready,Set,Go!" from the backseat. This station is helping my transformation. It is transforming my family. I so appreciate knowing that I'm not alone in my faith. Thank you Air1 for keeping hope in/on the air!
    Date: 9/11/2014 10:45 AM Story: As I start this, I will say that my life wasn't always perfect. Before I found Christ, I was not a good person, nor did I have an relation with God. When I lost my grandmothers, I lost my connection with God. They were close to me. Since then, my life became dark and I then I almost died, committing suicide. When I was saved by God, my life has turned around! I then went to the Positive Hits tour and I really was open to a world of great people. So thanks to Air1!
    Date: 9/11/2014 7:52 AM Story: Today I saw an Angel! So my husband got a bright blue car window pen a few weeks ago and wrote "its a boy" all over my windows of my car (we are 18 weeks pregant), so I'm sitting in my car in the parking lot waiting for him to come out of the store and out of no were this older gental man walks up to my window and throws a hundred dollar bill on my lap and said , "this is to help with that new baby boy on the way!" And he turns around and walks away! Im sitting in shock yelling omgosh! Thank you! I jump out of my car to talk to him or hug him or somthing and Hes gone! I didn't see him get into a car or anything he was just gone!! The Lord really does provide in our time of need if we trust him! Today I saw an angel!! ??????
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