• Greg Laurie

    Coming from a broken home and looking to drugs for all the answers to life, Greg Laurie's life was forever changed after hearing Jesus' charge to us in Matthew 12, "You are either for Me or against Me." He would go on to make Jesus the Lord of his life, and become a pastor, author and evangelist dedicated to sharing this message around the globe, mostly through events known as Harvest Crusades. Read More

    Randy Ayres

    Randy is the Lead Pastor of Cross Mountain Church, a non-denominational church, which is located in San Antonio, TX. He is a graduate of Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri and holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Biblical Studies and Social Science. Randy is a widely-recognized communicator known for a teaching style that is both real and relevant. In addition to being enthusiastic about communicating God’s truth, he is passionate about his family. He and his beautiful wife, Kelli, have been married for 21 years. They have three incredible boys: Austyn, Dylan and Logan.

    Levi Lusko

    Levi Lusko
    Levi Lusko was born in Colorado in 1982, moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1993. Levi grew up in a Christian family, and has never known life outside of church. “I am so thankful that my parents raised me knowing the Scriptures and am trying to raise my children the same way,” Levi remarked. As he grew older, religion, church and God became a routine for him that lacked meaning. Though he knew all the Bible stories and went to many church activities, Levi didn’t take his walk with God seriously. Read More