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  • This Week's Closer Look 1/26/2015 - 2/1/2015

    Don't DropOut

    8,000 kids quit school every day. Why?

    Air1's George Rath talks dropout prevention with Marie Groark of Get Schooled and professional educator Dr. Clete Bulach.

    Air1 Pastors: Obsessed With Gaming

    Pastors Mike, Dave and Josh help you beat video game addiction. Call the Pastors (888)YES-AIR1.

    Previous Week's Closer Look 1/19/2015 - 1/25/2015

    Teenagers and 1st Jobs

    High-schoolers build character - and resumes - on that first part-time job.

    Air1's Rafael Sierra talks with Michael Sultsman of the Employment Policies Institute (E.P.I.), Carol Rivchun of Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.)and John Hogan of Teen Force.

    Air1 Pastors: Dangerous Anger

    Pastor Mike and Pastor Dave explain why anger should be diffused and delayed.

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