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  • This Week's Closer Look 2/23/2015 - 3/1/2015

    Ecycle your Ewaste

    Learn how to safely get rid of toxic cellphones, computers and TVs just lying around the house.

    Air1's George Rath talks with Barbara Kyle of the Electronics Takeback Coalition and Samantha Nevels of the Consumer Electronics Association.

    Air1 Pastors: One-Sided Relationships

    Pastor Mike and Josh have advice if you give but your loved one just takes.
    CALL THE CLOSER LOOK Pastors 1-888-YES-AIR1.

    Previous Week's Closer Look 2/16/2015 - 2/22/2015

    Deadly Dares and Teens

    Even smart kids try dangerous stuff like The Choking Game or Vodka Eyeball under pressure to be 'in.' And they saw it all on YouTube.

    Air1's Billie Branham talks with educational psychologist Dr. Michele Borba and crisis response specialist Pastor Jeff Seaman about how parents can respond.

    Tax Help for Free!

    A little-known service is available *free* to Americans making under 60k a year.

    Air1's George Rath has details.