Are you carrying any heart wounds with ya from last year? Maybe you've gotten new ones since the new year started. I'm sorry in ether case. Heart ache is the worst because unlike broken bones or sickness you can't go to the doctor and get it casted or get medicine with an expected timelines for healing.
I recently read a book from Max Lucado and it talks about how there's a reason we are compared to sheep and God is called our Shepherd. Sheep are so defenseless (and not very bright!) so they  need a leader-a provider- a protector. In fact a good shepherd checks each of his flock regularly  to be sure they don't have any cuts or injuries because they are so vulnerable todays wounds can easily become tomorrow's infections. How often do we let our wounds of today become tomorrow's infections?! The longer it goes untended the worse the infection gets. Whewww. Preach,Max Lucado. Preach.

So how do we stop the infection that has spread over days, months, maybe even years? Healing comes when we trust our hearts in the hands of the Shepherd. This sheep needed that today--maybe you did too.