It's the thing we all love to hate...passw0rds! It's just a fact of life to keep our personal information safe, but there are so many different passwords and requirements that we sometimes get lazy. That is what hackers are counting on! A list of the worst least secure passwords of 2017 was just released and if you find one or two of your passwords on there you're not alone. Lauren said she's used one or two of those on an account or two. Some of the worst are 1) 123456 2) letmein 3) password

So what do you do? Well, it's time to update your passwords and come up with something fresh and new. Try instead a passphrase like "Air1IsTheBestStationInTheWholeWorld" for example or use the first letter from a passphrase like "A1ITBSITWW". That is not my password by the way...well anymore. Anyway, see if you password made the list HERE!