Have you ever felt stuck in the 'process'? I am the kind of guy that just wants whatever it is to be done. If I need to do X, Y, Z great let's do it. But I am finding it's not always that easy, there's a process and that's ok. I joined this new 22 week Bible study that is really going deep and helping the group understand God's love for us in a whole new way. This last week we focused on the Father's heart which was both great and difficult at the same time. I've always struggled with how someone could love a man who has been abused, tossed out and damaged like I have been. I am starting to see how great God's love is for me and how that love is a restoring love. The other thing I've learned, just today is there's beauty in the process. I just want to deal with my past and be done, but God being the great potter knows better. It takes time to create his work of art. Sometimes it needs to be built up, then broken down and gently molded into his vision. It's not easy and doesn't always make sense, but in the end, you can see the purpose. It's funny how God's timing works because through all of this he showed me a video just like this one. Really gives a whole new perspective of the potter working the clay into a masterpiece. So if you're like me, and struggle with the process, remember it's beautiful to our Father. - Mike