Growing up we would hear how it takes a village to raise a child, it turns out it can take a state too. The Governor or Oregon recently received a letter from a troubled 4th grader who confessed to stealing a pen and a hazelnut from the capital during a tour. He asked the governor, and the whole state of Oregon, to forgive him of his crimes. This was no laughing matter and the Governor of Oregon quickly sent out a reply pardoning the 4th grader on behalf of the whole state. 

Now this seems like a funny feel good story, but what a brave little 4th grader to confess what he did, not just to his parents, but to the governor of the state. Now I could not imagine the state actually pursuing charges against this little guy, but he had no idea and yet he confessed his crimes. When was the last time we confessed our crimes? Be it against our company, our spouse or God? This 4th grader learned a great lesson, and we can too. the Bible says to confess your sins, heres to being a little more honest with the people in our lives and our offenses against them. Read More HERE!