How were you asked to prom?? Elaborate plans seem to be all the craze these days. They call them 'promposals.' Anytime I see marshmallows it makes me think of my prom date jr year of high school. Stephen...oh Stephen...he worked at a grocery store. I had a mega crush on him and while trying to play it cool I'd go by the grocery store regularly and start at one end of the store which had cosmetics and shampoos and walk every aisle while trying to catch his attention (cuz remember, I'm playing it cool;) till I reached the other end which had baking items. So every time I'd check out I had 2 items: shampoo and marshmallows. When he asked me to prom he put shampoo in a bag and spelled out PROM? on my windshield with marshmallows. Very sweet! The marshmallows got stuck to my windshield and peeled off some of the paint on my car but that was the price I paid for being creatively asked to prom by my crush #Memories 
Look how creative this guy was: PROM