• Take Back Your Dinner Table

    Wednesday, April 26, 2017

    In our modern world it's so easy to eat dinner around the TV or with everyone on their phones but you can take back your dinner table! There is nothing like having real conversations with people, and most importantly your family! We've tried this at my weekly family dinner and its been fantastic! Some of the simplest things include getting everyone involved with a task (setting the table or helping getting stuff together), play games at the table and don't use the table as a place of correction or discipline. There are a lot more HERE

    Look Ma! My Jeans Are Dirty!

    Tuesday, April 25, 2017

    Nordstrom's has released a new pair of jeans they are selling for $425 but they ended up in hot water thanks to the internet. The jeans are covered in fake mud and it has many people disappointed in their decision to release them because of how it reflects on people who do dirty jobs like that every day. Whatever your stance on the jeans, its safe to say this trend will fade just like every other trend and it got Lauren and I thinking about fashion trends we are not sad are gone. She glad the days of overalls are gone and I thankfully moved from my from orange shoes, shorts, shirt and backpack to a more neutral fashion style. What trend are you excited is gone?  Click Here For More!

    Wanna Avoid A Fight...There's An App For That

    Monday, April 24, 2017

    What would you do if you could know when a fight was a brewing with your significant other? Because there is an app being developed that can help predict a upcoming fight with 79% accuracy. It uses word choice, heart rate, skin temperature and a few other things to determine when a argument is coming and can send a warning. As a guy I feel like this might be a great help, since I am kinda oblivious to signs things are going south. Read More HERE!