You know that feeling after everyone leaves your house after Thanksgiving or Christmas? You have a bunch of people over for game night and once they are gone...there are chips all over the floor and cups everywhere that you have to clean up :) but also...a sense of deep quiet? Today feels like that. 

I walked into the studio this morning after you helped your Air1 get fully funded around noon central on Friday.  The first day back after that happens always feels like an empty house the day after family goes home. It's quiet. There are not signs everywhere with the number to call to help your Air1 (888-937-2471...GO!) :) There are just a few crackers left in the corner a 2 bags of microwave popcorn. It's peaceful...and surprisingly clean :)  

There are LONG breaks between talking - I know you are thankful for that. So am I :) New music on Air1 today to bring in a fresh season...I love that. I'm just sitting here...eating a crustless quiche that honestly, is not that great...but it's healthy and so I feel good about that. I'm still just drinking it all in...and still so deeply grateful. Truly. 

See, after family leaves after Thanksgiving or are sad to see them go (most of the time) :) but you also get to reflect on great memories of your time together and it makes you happy. Today feels like that too.

I'm so thankful that so many people choose to give to a radio station. It always amazes me that people do...but, not really when you think about what that money does. I was reminded of Linda today. She's been one of my favorite people to talk to in 2018. Linda was going THROUGH it. She lost so much in such a short amount of time and Linda was kind of thinking she didn't want to keep going anymore...but Air1 was there for her. God used Air1 to reach into her life and give her hope. Hope she couldn't find on her own. That's what you did. You helped Linda find keeping Air1 going. Thank you. Honestly, there are thousands of stories like Linda's story. I know. I've read them. I've talked to you. I'm kind of tearing up just thinking about it now. I know...I cry easy. I get it. I'll stop now...but I won't stop thanking you. 

I've been at Air1 for almost 9 years. I am so thankful that I get to be in this with you...walking together in this journey that can be thrilling, surprising, hilarious, harder than we ever thought possible and sometimes better than we could ever imagine. 

Enjoy the quiet today. Enjoy the hope filled music. Rest in the fact that you did something awesome by keeping Air1 going. I just found 2 cinnamon jelly beans. I'm out :)