Today's Foodie Friday is actually IN my oven right now (thanks husband!) 

It all started when I had a chicken at home I didn't know what to do with...story of my life :) My kids love rotisserie chickens...and they are easy, I won't they started to become a regular thing.  I wondered if I could replicate that at home...easy enough that it wouldn't feel like a ton of work. I found the recipe below and game over. My whole family loves this. I swear, I have not bought a rotisserie chicken since.

Bonus: you don't have to watch cooks low and slow and you can go do stuff and smell it all through the house all day. 
Extra bonus: It looks like the picture EVERY food NEVER looks like the picture in the recipe :) 
Super bonus: I make a bowl of all the spices and have it stored up so I can just rub it on and go - makes it super easy!! 

I know that you can do something like this in an instant pot...go for it! I've tried it both ways...and I love this way 10 times better...but do your thing chicken wing. :)