Shhhh!!! I'm working on something special for our Valentine's Day show on Wednesday. It's Top Secret!! (not really...but let's pretend)  

I want to highlight the love you have for someone special you have in your got to get creative people. 

You can do a little song, a poem, a funny story...make us laugh, smile or cry and you could be on the show. 

Example: Rachel's Tribute to Chad

Chad - I knew the first time I saw you that you needed to get rid of that ridiculous hat. You never did (it's so gross!) but I'm so glad you've hung on to me too. Happy Valentine's Day Hat Boy.

Make it memorable. If you want to call in - do that at 888-946-2471 (from 10-3 pacific) or leave a comment below or you can email me at if you want to send a song or a secret story. 

I cannot wait for Valentine's Day...