Santy Clause

Joining me on the blog today is Pastor Chris...say hi everybody (crowd goes wild) :) 

Pastor Chris works here at Air1, helping people like you everyday as you face life's challenges. He wrote something special about a famous Christmas question and I wanted him to share it with you. Take it away Chris! 


As the father of five children, I'm accustomed to being asked all kinds of questions. From "Why is the sky blue?" to "Why did my kitty die?" Every December when my children were young, they would ask me the same question, "Is Santa Clause real?" Maybe you've been asked this question by a little one at some time in your life? You may be curious as to how I handled this matter of jolly old St. Nick? Well, I told them the truth.  I shared the story about the real St. Nicholas (Archbishop of Myra).


St. Nicholas was a fourth century Bishop of Myra. He was born in Asia Minor, to Godly parents who unfortunately died when he was young. He was raised by his uncle, the Bishop of Patara. His uncle mentored him until (in his adult life) he was ordained a Catholic priest. While serving as a priest, it was brought to his attention, that a father in his community had lost all his money and could no longer support his family. When Nicholas heard about this, he took a bag of gold and threw it into a window of the man's house. As word of his act of generosity and sacrificial giving spread, he became legendary as a gift giver.


Later in his life he was ordained a Bishop, then an Archbishop, and is said to have been present at the Council of Nicaea in 325AD. St. Nicholas is celebrated as the patron saint of sailors, travelers, and of course children. The truth is, St. Nicholas was a kind, benevolent, Christ follower. His example of life and faith in Jesus Christ make him a real hero of our faith.


So as a pastor and father, I have never had to wrestle with the question, "Daddy, is Santa Clause real?" I have always smiled and said, "Come here little one, and let your papa tell you about a great Saint of God…. Jolly old St. Nicholas! He has continued to be an inspiration to me and thousands of Christ-followers for hundreds of years. So, if a child asks you that most ominous question... Don't shrink back, share the story about the real St. Nicholas with the children in your life. Tell them how St. Nicolas' love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ moved him to shower kindness on those in need in his community.  Point them to Christ.


Merry Christmas!

  Digging Deeper


  • 1.How can you use the story of St Nicholas to teach your kids about the meaning of Christmas?
  • 2.In what ways does the story of St. Nicholas inspire you?
  • 3.What are some ways you can follow in St. Nicholas' footsteps this Christmas?