If you feel like you are always running on empty...you need these! 

Facts: Life is hard, we have way too much to do and we would ALL rather being in sweatpants (or your pant of choice) watching netflix and eating popcorn (or your corn of choice) on the worlds most comfy couch.  Sorry  - I literally just drifted from this post for 5 minutes while I was thinking of that version of heaven. 

So! What can we do to give us a few extra minutes in our day and maybe a few extra bucks in our pockets? Follow the life hacks you will find below and enjoy the bounty of time money and energy you may find 

AND! if you have a life hack...I must hear it and I will share it on the air. :) 

1.) The WAITING file 
This one comes from my husband and my mom. My mom does the old school version and my husband has one on his phone...they both work. We spend a LOT of our day waiting...Waiting to pick up kids, waiting at doctor's offices...waiting in long grocery store lines (side note: why do I ALWAYS pick the longest line? Every. Time.) 
The Waiting File is a file my husband created on his phone. My mom carries a literal one in her purse. It is full of links to articles he wants to read, phone calls he has to make, things he needs to get done. Nothing SUPER pressing...but stuff he can get done while he is waiting. That way, you are productive while you wait! I don't do this..but I will :) it's too good not to. 

2.) The SNACK pack 
Ok, I'm going to pretend this one is for my kids...but it is straight up for me...and for people without kids too. Our life is often fast paced and lived on the road. I find myself getting my "me time" in a car waiting for my kids to get out of school. I know....its pure luxury. :) I started bringing a pack in my car that has pretzels, granola bars, almonds...healthy stuff...that I can eat if I get to a point and I'm like NOOOO I have no lunch :) or I get hangry...which happens alot. It also works when my middle son forgets his lunch...which I feel like happens 3 out of 5 school days. I do NOT recommend putting fresh fruit in there b/c you will forget and not eat in time and then your car will smell like something died and you will feel gross and it will be all your fault...speaking from experience. :) 

3.) The Book Table/Cell Phone Basket
So we have this table by our front door. At 6pm...we all put our cell phones there and leave them there for the rest of the night. Does this happen every night? No...I wish it did....but we are getting better. Do you know how much you can get accomplished without a cell phone? Like, alot :) We also have books by this table. The goal is...but a cellphone down, pick up a book. Exchange one for the other. It helps my kids settle at the end of the day. This won't save you any time or money but it may save your sanity and that's worth all the money in my purse. :) 

4.) 1 Song Shuffle 
That's the worst name...call it whatever you want :) We do this almost nightly. Our house will never be the cleanest on the block...but I have a goal of having a house I'm not embarrassed by if people stop over. That starts with this. Each night, someone in the family gets to choose a song. During that song...we bust butt picking up the clutter that fills our house throughout the day. No joke, the other night I picked up 6 pairs of socks from the floor. How? We don't even have that many people in the family and I NEVER wear socks...how are 6 pair on the floor?? Anyways, this makes it easy to go to bed with a clean-ish house. It is amazing how much you can get clean in a 4 minute song. If I see someone being lame and not working...I add another song :) Those are my house rules...you can adjust them anyway you want in your home. 

5.) Thursday Night Free for All 
I have a theory. Thursday's are the hardest night of all. Do you feel me on this? You are exhausted...but it's not the weekend. You have put in a FULL week's worth of work and you have nothing left. I feel this way ALL the time. :) So I created this rule at our house. Thursdays are a free for all. No dinner plan...you find it, your fix it. My 5 year old is ALL about this :) She can make her own cereal and she feels so grown up. :) Sometimes, my son will cook for everybody...sometimes we eat popcorn (b/c it is the BEST food God created) I love that there is no plan. It takes pressure off. I so need this to recharge. It saves me energy and that way I can get to Friday without crying like a toddler.