Do you love a good mystery? I so do...and this one has had me baffled for days! 

I'm looking for the best answer...doesn't have to be rooted in reality at all :) the more creative the better. 

I was at the grocery story the other day and even though I don't MEAN to do it :) I look in other peoples carts and check out what they are getting. 

The guy behind me had 9 pounds of bacon....9 pounds!! and a jar of pickles. That's it. What is he doing with all that bacon? Is he having a bacon pickle combo? Is he bringing bacon to a family reunion?? I'm stumped!! My husband and I have been talking about this for days!!! :) (we don't have lives ok? This is our entertainment) :) 

I decided to give you the final say. What is he doing with 9 pounds of bacon and a jar of pickles?? Best answer wins. Helps solve the grocery story mystery of 2017 even though our answer will probably not be all! :)