First off...this general idea came from my friend Eric (of Eric and Mandy and Dan...old school Air1 radio...holla!) He is SO good at challenging you in a way that also empowers is a great skill :) 

If you are like me, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the things you NEED to improve on in your daily life. God stuff, work stuff, home stuff, relationship stuff, body stuff...the list can go on and on can't it? Where do you start? How do I make headway without getting bogged down with the thought that there is still SO much to change???

Just 1 Thing.

That's the answer. Just 1 Thing.

Choose 1 thing every week and work on it. Focus on it...give it your energy...make it better. 

I will not lie that is hard to do b/c of instagram and facebook and social media in general.

I will let you in on a little secret that I am not really COMPLETELY ready to share all of yet b/c I am still a huge work in progress....but I will soon :) 
Over the last 2 months I have lost 20 pounds...still have more to go...but I started this 1 thing theory around that time...and it messed with me.
The first week I started walking this healthy living journey, I focused only on food...and every day I panicked thinking...I NEED to do more. I follow all these people on instagram that are eating right and exercising and taking supplement and I'm just working on the food! It's not enough. WRONG. It's enough. Too much and you overwhelm drown yourself...just like I almost did. 

What I am finding out is when you focus on 1 see improvements and you want to stick with that 1 thing...and then, when you are ready, you add the next thing. Don't let ANYBODY'S timetable make you second guess yours...I'm not where other people are. That's ok. My 1 thing has led to a COMPLETE life change for the end of summer yours could change too! Just focus on 1 thing.