• When it rains it pours

    Monday, February 20, 2017

    I was staring out the window this morning looking at the rain. (rain rain on my face...#classicjarsofclay)
    It has been raining a lot where I live these last few months...I mean a TON. 
    I was reminded of that saying - "When it rains is pours!" I remember my mom saying that when I was little and asking her what it meant, because as a kid, on the surface, I thought - duh. :) 
    I remember her saying - it means that sometimes life hurts...and sometimes it feels like those hurts come all at once....when it rains, it pours. 

    Maybe you can relate to that feeling lately. Can I just say...I feel flooded lately? I'm not writing this to complain, but life hurts right now. So what do we do when it is pouring? 

    I don't know if I have any great, life changing advice...but I learned a little bit from watching the rain the last few days. What do we do when we have to face the rain? We protect ourselves, right? We put on a rain jacket, rain boots, an umbrella...or in my case (with a broken umbrella) I at least throw a sweatshirt over my head to protect my precious hair :) Point is, we take steps to protect ourselves from getting soaked. I think we need to do the same thing when troubles seem to fall like raindrops. Protect ourselves. We need to surround ourselves with the promise that God won't leave us...that He can keep us from going under. One of my favorite verses is Isiah 43:2 When you cross deep rivers, I will be with you, and you won't drown. I'm crying just reading that again because I know it's true. 
    Sometimes when it rains, we stay inside...surround ourselves with blankets and sweatpants and shut the world out. Sometimes, when life gets hard, you need to do the same. Surround yourself with people that love you...that make you feel like you are wrapped up in blankets and shut out anything else that may be adding stress to your already exhausted body. 

    If I can get cheesy on you for a moment. :) I also know that this rain I'm watching today will end. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...but it will. This tough stuff you are walking through right now - it will start to ease. Maybe not today...but it will. Trust the God who can move mountains..to get you back on your feet. Trust that He won't let you go...ever. I hear the Switchfoot song "I Won't Let You Go" today and WEPT (we are talking snot out the nose people) Go listen to that on repeat if you need to...be reminded how much He loves you...it makes the rain more bearable. 

    Clock - Time

    Things your kids need but won't tell you

    Tuesday, February 07, 2017

    I needed to read this today. 

    It is so easy to get caught up in surviving the day to day that sometimes this slides through the cracks. I needed this reminder. My kids need me to put down the phone...to focus on my marriage more than just ships in the night...and to encourage them instead of always pointing out their flaws. Somedays I hit the mark. Lots of times I don't...but I needed the reminder :) 

    9 Things Your Kids Need But Won't Tell You




    Proof that these people are awesome

    Wednesday, January 25, 2017


    Left Handers...rejoice! YOU are awesome...and now there is scientific proof. Sure - you may still have to cut with right handed scissors for the rest of your life - but we are living in a right handed world...and ROCKING It :) 

    I am left handed...so is my oldest son...and my Grandma. I can't figure out the connection but I don't care...we are amazing - this article says so ;) 

    God always amazes me with his special way of making us these unique creatures...different and amazing in many ways...celebrate your uniqueness!~