• Let it Soak!

    Monday, June 26, 2017

    Have you ever made tea? Full disclosure: I'm not a tea person, or a coffee person for that matter...but I used to have these wonderful neighbors years ago when I was young mom. They would invite me outside on summer nights for "tea time". We would sit outside and talk and drink tea. I always chose the tea that tasted the least like tea :) I watched as my neighbor friend would soak the tea bag in the hot water.  I know there is a word for this, but I am not sure if it is seep or steep and I am too lazy to google it so I'm going with soak :) I would always try to drink the tea too soon. My friend would say..."Mandy! Let it soak a few minutes longer!"  It tastes better after you let it soak!
    Those words have been popping in my head a lot lately....but they have nothing to do with tea. 
    Time is slipping away...fast. I am trying to hold on, but it slips through my fingers. 
    I don't know about you...but I feel like I am rushing to the next thing more than I am ever standing still.


    My son started driving lessons....what?? He was 3 like yesterday!! This fact hit me hard: I only have 3 years left with my 3 kids under one roof. The way these years have been flying by, that will feel like a moment. What can I do to make it count? Let it soak a few minutes longer. What do I mean by that? I walked into my son's room the other day and we started talking. I heard the buzz of the dryer going off and knew I needed to put my sheets in the dryer or they wouldn't be ready for us to sleep on. I stayed in my son's room anyways. I "let it soak" a few minutes longer...and we slept on our mattress pad that night...and it was fine :) 

    I took the kids to the beach the other day. I wanted to get back before dark but the kids begged to stay a little longer...so I "let it soak" a few minutes longer (quite literally in that example) :) 

    Staying in the moment as long as you can...will help you hold on to the moments you have left. It will make life sweeter. 

    This summer...let it soak a few minutes longer. In your marriage, your friendships, your relationships with your kids...let it soak. 

    Clock - Time

    Almost out of gas

    Thursday, May 04, 2017

    I was driving home yesterday crying. I was out of patience, out of strength, out of kindness, out of everything - empty, people :) 

    On your car, when you are almost out of gas, a warning light comes on to let you know that you have LOW FUEL....it's a nice heads up to get our butts to a gas station asap....or if you are like my Grandpa...you try to drive to the next state just to see if you can make it. :) Drove me nuts!! 

    I think our bodies have that warning...but do we listen? When you are spread way too thin and trying to be too much for too many...do you feel that light come on that says - hey girl, you are running on empty!! 

    I felt that light come on this past weekend...and ignored it. I have been running crazy since early March. Its MAY. I was just getting back from a 6 day business trip and I just wanted to rest...but then I felt mom guilt for being away from my kids (stupid guilt!) and jumped back into home life with both feet....and then yesterday, I hit a wall. 

    The wall hurt. Hitting a wall often does...trust me. I hit a retaining wall with our van when I was a kid...not fun :) I yelled when I should not have yelled, I cried for no reason. It took over. 

    It was in those moments yesterday that I remembered what a friend had JUST told me. She told me that when we feel overwhelmed or out of gas...that we need to lean into the things that fill us up. You are almost out of gas...so what will fill you up? Yesterday, for me, I needed rest. I needed my family...I needed to NOT do any laundry or cook dinner or even take back that stuff in my car that I have been meaning to do for days! 

    Next time you feel the gas light come on in your body...you are running on empty!! You need to lean into the things that fill you up. Don't run from it. You are going to come up with a ton of reasons not to...this needs to get done...or I have to do this...but if you don't fill up - you will hit the wall. You will be the one crying in your car. It's avoidable!! Just don't be like me :) Lean into the things that fill you up. 

    Clock - Time

    Would you extract the peanuts?

    Wednesday, March 08, 2017

    Ran across a picture my sister posted to instagram the other day. It made me cry buckets. I love my mom. She's the tops you guys - she should win awards. If I can be half the mom my mom was...I'm doing ok. 
    My sister Emily hates peanuts (but likes peanut butter...which is weird but whatever) - but peanut butter and jelly was our go to school lunch b/c we had 6 kids in our family and you know, it's cheap :) 
    See the note below...One morning my mom extracted every peanut from Crunchy Jif so my sister could have a sandwich. I love what she writes. 
    Do you know how long it takes to extract every peanut from Crunchy Jif? Do you know you are worth every moment? - I'm crying again. 

    Now, I'm not asking that you extract peanuts from your childs extra crunchy Jif today....ain't nobody got time for that :) But I am asking...would you take the extra step? I instantly think of my daughter. Her energy often outlasts mine. I don't WANT to play one more game of Candy Land...but then I remember this....and I think - I can do one more game - she's worth one more game. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but just go with me on this. Will you take the extra step today? Will you extract the peanuts? :)