• Vacuum Dreams

    Wednesday, May 16, 2018


    Tell me...what is something nerdy you get excited about. 

    Admit it! 

    I will tell you this....I'm having a vacuum delivered today. I sound so rich!!! Truth...I had an amazon gift card and a really great deal :) 

    I'm so excited. I'm so excited. For a vacuum. Maybe it's because my current vacuum smells like rotting vegetables and has 2 holes in the tube...maybe it's that :) Maybe it's because vacuuming is fascinating...cuz it is :) I'm not sure...but I'll admit this to you.... I dreamed about vacuuming last night. I did. I'm that person :) 

    So...now you...what is something nerdy you get excited about?  

    If it's vacuuming...I'm thinking of starting a club. 


    I can't slow down

    Monday, May 14, 2018


    So it's not often I wag my mom finger....(picture it) but I'm going to do it here. It's that important. 

    I felt like this article was written for me...and I can't be the only one. I linked it at the bottom of the page. It takes 2 minutes of your day...it could add years to your life. I kid you not. 

    The choice really does come down to....rest....or ruin. I know. I chose ruin. Not purposefully mind you...but that's where I ended up. It's a hard hole to climb out of people. The author struggled with being an achiever...I struggle with being a pleaser...whatever your title is...you want to avoid ruin at all costs. 

    I love that there are manageable ways to do this...and it will feel weird and it won't be fun at first...but I'm to the point where it's starting to become a habit. I want that for you. 

    Read it...tell me what you think. What do you do to really rest? 

    Rest or Ruin...your choice 

    Mother's Day Confession

    Thursday, May 10, 2018


    Someone asked me to write a blog to encourage mothers this week. (Mother's Day is Sunday...don't forget people) :) 

    They asked me to give a little advice and encouragement. I sat with the assignment for a week. I STRUGGLED with it...big time. Why? 

    Because most days...I don't feel like a great mom. I don't feel like I have any great advice to give moms because why would anyone take advice from an average to below average mother? Man, I feel like I blow it every day.  

    Then I realized something. 

    Those of us that feel that way...giving it everything we have every day and at the end of the day still feeling miles away from superstar mom status...we are INCREDIBLE moms. Here's why...we are trying. Do we always get it right? No. Are there days we want do-overs on so we don't yell at the middle kid as much or spend more time with the baby? Of course....but here's what we need to remember. Even on THOSE days - we are still good moms. It just doesn't feel like it. 

    Someone told me once that some of the best hitters in baseball...only hit the ball 30% of the time...but they are trying 100% of the time. That batting average can get you into the baseball hall of fame y'all :) Missing the ball 70% of the time!!!  Moms...this should make you feel better instantly :) 

    That's it. That's all I got...and for now, it's enough. 

    Happy Mother's Day to every mom striving to be better than the day before.