• 100 things you can throw away!

    Wednesday, January 4, 2017

    Do you have 100 things in your home that you can give or throw away? I didn't think so either!! I'm a tosser...there's no way. 
    I was wrong. 
    The new year is the perfect time to clean out, organize and refresh your space. This will help. 
    It goes through every room of your house and it makes you feel guilty about the expired makeup you haven't tossed yet or the drawer full of tupperware with no lids (my life...so my life) 

    I am going to try to do one room a day. I can handle that...new year, new me :) 

    100 things you can throw away today! 

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    Beyond the Diet

    Tuesday, January 3, 2017

    For most people, getting in shape and getting healthy are at the top of your resolution list. It always is for me...and it is important! I am not taking that away from anyone...Lord knows I need to stick with it. 

    I read this and realized that there is SO MUCH MORE than a diet and more trips to the gym. Yes - those are important...but so are these. 

    We moved into a great neighborhood  a year ago.A neighborhood that does a lot of the things on this list. We have been super blessed. It has not always been the case. When it was not the case...I did not try to make it better...I just contributed to the problem. 

    Here's the thing. We are meant for community...in our churches, our workplaces and in our neighborhoods. It's not always easy...this list helps it to be more of an adventure than a chore...and that is coming from someone who considers herself a hermit :) 

    Creating Community in 2017


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    Cheap Movie Night!

    Friday, December 30, 2016

    Savings Alert!!! 

    If you have a few days off this weekend to celebrate the new year...or if you just need a night in because the last few weeks have been socially exhausting...you need this! 

    I just found this and thought YAY! 99 cent movie deal for both Amazon and Google...1 movie per site. 

    The great thing about this - it is good till January 23rd - so even if your calendar is still full for a week or two...you have time! 

    I sent this to my husband and said...pick a movie - here is our Saturday plan. He replied...after football, of course. Of course. :) 

    Happy New Year! 

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