• We like to think we don't do it...but we do

    Thursday, January 12, 2017

    We like to think we do don't it but before you even know whats happening you've been sucked in! Gossip never has a good ending  and we can find ourselves participating without even realizing it. Gossiping isn't just telling someone else's secrets-its more simply talking negatively about a person who isn't there. And even if we aren't the one who start the conversation, when we listen we create this environment for an emotional person to propagate their story. And in an attempt to be a good listener its like suddenly we're cosigning our names to the things they are saying. Its just not good! Nobody wants to be gossiped about. This may be uncomfortable the first few times you say it but a good way to stop gossip in its tracks is to say something like “Hey, I actually made a resolution this year that I would not talk negatively about or listen to negative talk about someone who isn't in the room with me. So lets talk about something else.” or "Hey I don't know if thats true but if you want to know you should ask that person." 

    New Monopoly pieces!? You pick em

    Tuesday, January 10, 2017

    I've always wanted  a purse piece. YOU get to chose the future pieces for Monopoly games!!! But you have way more options than just the classics like Scottie Dog, Top Hat, and Thimble, you get to pick from more than 50 new options -like TREX, TV, and a penguin -even some emoji symbols in there. You can vote between now and the end of the month and the new pieces will be announced on World Monopoly Day (which apparently is a real thing) March 19th. 
    Vote here 

    (pssst, whatd you vote for??)  

    A first impression she'll never remeber

    Thursday, January 5, 2017

    Its not him, its her!! He did everything right-showed up in a white button down shirt, a suit coat and tie. But she'll never remember him…because she's a newborn and HE is her 18 year old uncle Grant who was so excited to meet his first niece that he came to the hospital dressed to the nines because as he says “first impressions matter.”  If there was an award for thoughtful uncles, this sweet guy would be a winner!!
    See the pictures here