probably not possible to avoid long lines at theme parks, unless you wanna pay a bunch of dollars for a "pass" that gets you to it quicker. sorry, but i need my money for the long lines at the cheesesteak funnel cake fresh lemonade stand.

believe it or not there are scientists who are working on the long wait time dilemma for you.  see what they're up to HERE

even though it does chew up a good amount of your day, creeping along in line, tell me those aren't some of the best moments.  you're talking about the last ride you came off of, your convincing yourself this one's gonna be even better, you're wondering why you didn't take that bathroom break before you got in line and why the giant lemonade seemed like a good idea just before you got in line 55 minutes ago. best part, you're with the people you love and you're making great memories.  you're not stuck in traffic on the freeway. let's get another pic, we're gonna be here for awhile.