• You're gonna be a GENIUS!

    Friday, February 16, 2018


    Some research we can get behind...

    ...and start taking advantage of right now.

    Especially since Valentine's chocolate is really discounted.

    Eat chocolate every day and BECOME A GENIUS!

    Or something like that.

    Clearly, there hasn't been enough chocolate eaten yet.

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    Send Valentines to Children in the Hospital

    Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    Being in the hospital is no fun.

    Especially if you're a kid.

    And especially if it's Valentines Day.

    You can help make a difference today by sending a card to a child in the hospital.

    And, you can do it right where you are.

    Most children's hospitals around the country do this, but this hospital is close to Heather's heart - they've done so much for her family.

    If you missed the link above, click > > > HERE < < <

    Thanks for making a child's Valentines Day so special!