It is here! The madness that March brings... and the completely uninformed bystanders chance to reign supreme. Have you already filled out a NCAA March Madness bracket yet?? ...No?! Yes, or No... I made a group for EVERYONE to join in on!! -- The Air1 Radio 3rd Shift Tourney

I'm never any good at these, and usually have a bracket busted by the Sweet 16 round... But who cares?! It's all for funsies. It's FREE! And could work out in your favor! For the perfect bracket picker, I will personally guarantee an insanely awesome grand prize!! 

If you're in, simply CLICK HERE to start making your picks! ((Can't wait to see y'all in!!))

...and if you want a sneak-peek at my completely un-educated picks ahead of time... VOILA!! -- Xavier going ALL THE WAY!! (('cuz it's my middle sons middle name!)) :D

ashton 2018 bracket