It's never too early to start looking ahead when it comes to new music releases! So with much enthusiasm, here's the short-list of Air1 Artists (former & current) ones to watch for in the early parts of 2-0-1-8! 
(...and since it's me on the research, there's a pretty good chance I missed some)

Any particular release you're looking forward to?? [COMMENT BELOW]

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January 2018:
 • 15th • Rapture Ruckus "Ignition"
 • 19th • Rend Collective "Good News" - Sporting the raucously, revival-ish ballad, "Rescuer"  , already on Air1.

February 2018:
 • 9th • Social Club Misfits"Into The Night"
 • Feb ?? • Sanctus Real "Changed"   - Currently flying indie, sans record label,  find more via their PledgeMusic project

March 2018:
 • Mar ?? • Jordan Feliz (title TBD)  - Which WILL  include the volume-booster, "Witness". - No official release date outside "Spring 2018" **Which starts March 20th this year.
 • Mar ?? • Lincoln Brewster (title TBD) 

April 2018:
 • 6th • Hawk Nelson "Miracles"  - HN's eighth studio album, which of course, shares the projects title-track currently bumping on Air1 & making its' way onto many playlists. 

- Other releases (some still TBD) for your radar, later this year:
• Blanca "Untitled" 
• Family Force 5 "Audiotorium"
• Owl City "Cinematic" - June 1st