The 9-to-5 grind can find ways to drag you down. Just being honest! You wake up, shower, choke down breakfast, go to work; may feel like an eternity, get home, flop into bed, rinse & repeat.

Rest assured it's definitely not "crazy" to fantasize about; selling all your earthly possessions, cancelling your lease, heading abroad to a different country... I mean, it kinda sounds crazy, but crazy is what crazy does! And sometimes you end-up with incredible life-experiences & killer convo-starters that none can compare!

So, if "crazy" sounds right up your alley, now - CHECK THIS OUT!!

You can movie down-und'ah & have your OWN island & lighthouse, in Tasmania!! AND you get paid!! 
::CHA - CHING!!::
...also, you gotta do some "light" maintenance (get it? "Light"? ..lighthouse ...oh, bother.) Side-note: aapparently they do prefer couples or tandems... In case something happens, that way the breathing one can dial 9-1-1 or whatever the number is on Tasmania...