• BEST Summer Job, Ever!

    Tuesday, March 21, 2017

    [STATIC-SQUELCH]"Thank you for choosing Wendy's. Would you like to try our new bacon-double-cheeseburger?"

    Now THAT's a professionally delivered line from one of my first summer jobs. -- Humble beginnings; Ain't no shame!! 

    But it's never too early to start looking for that summer job. Shoot, you might ask about a 3-month sabbatical from your current gig & apply for this one! Because ALL summer jobs will forever pale in comparison to this, if you've got the BEST 60-seconds! 

    Let me flash-card the high-lights:

    • 3 month gig
    • $10 G's a month
    • travel the world
    • crash in multi-million dolla vacate homes

    Now, I've never stayed in even ONE multi-thousand dollar joint. So I may be just a little giddy at the thought. The application is ridiculously easy - 60-sec video of you, saying why you're the best candidate! Seriously. That's it! Why not? I mean, worst-case, they say "No"!? ...nothing ventured, nothing gained my friends. If you're down, peep the official posting before March 30th!

    Perfect Avocados! - LifeHack

    Tuesday, January 31, 2017

    avocadoGuacamole is a MUST at any shin-dig! (...Just my honest opinion there!)

    So if you're dishing a full-on spread for the "Big Game" Sunday, (and you've invited me over) ...How do not waste your hard earned dollars on bad produce, finding perfectly ripe avocados for that killer guac?? ...It's ALL in the stem!

    Before you buy, this simple trick (or LifeHack) will save ya cashola!

    - Flick the stem off the top of the avocado!
    Seriously, that's it! No squeezing the Charmin out of 'em. No sniff test. Just flick the stem off. When you do, if you see a brownish pothole - the inside's likely yuck, too! When the stem cap pops off & it's yellowish-green - BOOM! Perfectly ripe 'cado for your guac!!

    Now rock that party!! ...I'll be there around 3 p.m.!!

    Need a recipe? Here's my great-grandpa's Killer-Guac recipe:
    2 Avocados - mash'em up
    1-2 finely chopped roma tomatoes -or- tomatillos
    1/4 cup chopped red onion
    1/2 - 2/3 tsp coarse salt
    1 tbsp fresh lime juice
    2 medium, tiger-striped jalapeños. REMOVE SEEDS! & mince
    2-3 tbsp chopped cilantro
    1/4 tsp ground black pepper

    Stir it up, and enjoy!! ...Or give it an hour or so in the fridge, covered, to let the flavors mingle - AHHH-MAZING!!!

    Once in a Lifetime DREAM Job!!

    Thursday, January 19, 2017

    The 9-to-5 grind can find ways to drag you down. Just being honest! You wake up, shower, choke down breakfast, go to work; may feel like an eternity, get home, flop into bed, rinse & repeat.

    Rest assured it's definitely not "crazy" to fantasize about; selling all your earthly possessions, cancelling your lease, heading abroad to a different country... I mean, it kinda sounds crazy, but crazy is what crazy does! And sometimes you end-up with incredible life-experiences & killer convo-starters that none can compare!

    So, if "crazy" sounds right up your alley, now - CHECK THIS OUT!!

    You can movie down-und'ah & have your OWN island & lighthouse, in Tasmania!! AND you get paid!! 
    ::CHA - CHING!!::
    ...also, you gotta do some "light" maintenance (get it? "Light"? ..lighthouse ...oh, bother.) Side-note: aapparently they do prefer couples or tandems... In case something happens, that way the breathing one can dial 9-1-1 or whatever the number is on Tasmania...