• Tom Gilles - 

    I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as one of four kids. Full of energy, I discovered skateboarding when I was 11 years old and it gave me the freedom to get around town with my friends. With skateboarding, I was always pushing my limits, but in Wisconsin, you can’t skate year round because of the snow!

     Then one day a friend brought over his snowboard, and it was like skateboarding on the snow! That summer I worked and saved to buy my first snowboard. I remember telling people in high school that I was going to be a professional snowboarder. I read all the magazines and watched all the videos and was fully committed, even though everyone said that it wasn’t possible! Where we lived, there were no mountains, in fact, my local ski resort was a landfill. But that didn’t stop me from dreaming! I made a plan to move to the mountains after high school to be able to give it my best shot.

     Turns out that I had good aim! My first day snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, I met a professional cinematographer and photographer that were there filming and I ended up in the biggest snowboarding movies of the year, quickly receiving professional contracts to endorse products. I was doing what I set out to do, but now the dream grew into becoming the best snowboarder in the world. I ended up getting in the magazine I had once studied, traveling the world in search of the best snow, and setting world records as I rode. I filmed television commercials, set world records and snowboarded on every continent except Antarctica. All this from a dream I dreamed and taking a leap.

     I now oversee Tom Gilles Consulting, which is made up of coaching, construction and public speaking. I’m the Director of Compassion Causes that builds clean water wells, as well as, after school programs in Nicaragua.

     I’m a loving husband, and father of 3. I was a Professional  Snowboarder for 10 years. but my snowboarding career ended when I became a Christian.

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