Aug 06 2014
Perform w/ Satellites and Sirens!

Satellites and Sirens announced new tour dates, and they want YOU to submit versions of "JUMP START MY HEART" by recording your own style of it on video!  COOL!  The top 10 most viewed videos will be entered to win 1 of 5 prizes that include anything from live chats with the group  or even performing their version of the song live on stage with the guys! WHAT?!?! Yup! The team at DREAM Records and the guys in Satellites & Sirens will select the winners after the deadline to upload the videos on September 1st. For instructions on how to enter , go to or.. just watch this video!   


Check out their own version they did of "Jump Start My Heart" acoustic:


Satellites & Sirens Tour Dates:


8/10 - Nashville, TN
8/21 - Stillwater, OK
8/22 - Tulsa, OK
8/23 - Ft. Smith, AR
8/24 - Mt. Washington, KY
9/7 - Statesville, NC
9/25 - Dallas, PA

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