May 29 2014
Brandon Heath MARRIED!

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Heath!!!

(Photos by JKOE studio’s Jason Koenig. )

“I’m a blessed man to marry such a beautiful woman, inside and out. Her heart is soft and her mind is inspiring. Siebe is compassionate and empathetic to all people, and I can’t think of a better person to do life with. We’ve been friends for years and dated for the last two years. We are ready for this next step in our lives, knowing that God will be in the center." ~Brandon Heath

Yes, Brandon married the love of his life this past weekend in Nashville! The big day was May 25th, in the beautiful Scarritt-Bennett Chapel in Heath’s native city. As a gift to their friends and family, the new couple donated a well in the names of their wedding guests via Blood: Water Mission.  SO COOL!!  Congrats Brandon and Siebe!!!!!


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