May 09 2014
Congrats Shawn McDonald!

Shawn McDonald's "We Are Brave" is his First #1 Radio Hit!!


Singer, songwriter and artist Shawn McDonald has just received his first No. 1 radio hit with "We Are Brave!!" As the first single from his brand new album, titled Brave.


"I'm so incredibly grateful that this song as well as the album have been received so well. I certainly didn't expect this and honestly, the news really hasn't sunk in yet! The reality is, I'm super excited that my music is getting out there. I've been at this for so long and even though I've hit walls throughout my career, I'm just trying to make music that's relevant to the listener and music that I believe in. A lot of work and prayer went into this record, and to see it connect with people is really awesome, overwhelming and well, pretty emotional." ~Shawn McDonald


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