Apr 21 2014
Switchfoot Invents New Sport

"The Fading West Spring Tour has been cold but incredible! We've been making the most out of the end of winter, even inventing a new snow sport in Vermont…"  ~Switchfoot 


John Foreman wrote this powerful blog about how he is dealing with the religious protestors at Switchfoot concerts:

 "Why I Refuse To Protest Protestors"

"These people might say that they are against what we do and who I am, but I refuse to be against them. I refuse to protest protestors. I will not be opposed to the opposition. I will not antagonize the antagonist, nor hate on the haters. I am not at all against them -- in fact, I am for them. I am rooting for them, praying for them. I honestly love them! They are flawed, beautiful, hopeful, hopeless people just like me"

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