Apr 14 2014
UPDATE on Phil Wickham


April 17th, 2013 Phil Wickham posted on his blog:

"First of all I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of encouragement, support and prayers that have flooded in since I have been dealing with these vocal issues. I have been very moved and humbled by your kindness. Thank you very much!

For those of you who don’t know, a few weeks ago my voice was giving out while I was singing, so I saw a throat doctor and a voice specialist to see if we could figure out the problem. I have a small bump of swelling on my vocal chord. These bumps are referred to as vocal polyps, and they are no good. Both the specialist and the doctor advised me that I should go on vocal rest for two weeks to see if the swelling would go down.

This past Monday marked 15 days of no talking and was also the day I had my check up to see if things were healing. The polyp was still there. Like most health issues, it takes some time to pin point the exact cause of these kinds of things, and starting with the least invasive procedures is usually the best way to go. This morning I had another check up to see how things were going. After another look with the camera we saw that the polyp on my left vocal chord had been hitting the opposite spot on my right vocal chord resulting in some light hemorrhaging, or bleeding. Again, this is not a good sign, and should things continue down this path, surgery will be the next option. "

How is this affecting his Trust in God?  

Please keep Phil and his family in your prayers as he is still healing!

April 15th, 2014


"I think I am learning something about identity, which weaves into calling which then becomes our legacy" ~Phil Wickham


Read how God is using this difficult time in Phil's life in POWERFUL WAYS! 



 April, 14th 2014

I was wondering why Phil Wickham was not singing this weekend at the Joyce Meyer Conference,he was advertised as the worship leader, he was there, but he just played guitar, and someone who looks exactly like him sang.. I was like~huh? But I got it covered now! LOL! Here is the scoop!


"Hey friends. Wanted to ask for some prayer. In 10+ years of singing I don’t think I’ve ever had to cancel. This week I had to bow out of 3 events do to my voice hitting a serious wall. Most likely I just need to rest it with no singing oreven talking (which is easier said then done…no pun intended) Going to a specialist tomorrow to hopefully rule out the worst case scenarios. Not asking for your pity, but pleading for your prayers cause I believe with all my heart that they are very powerful. Much love. -Phil" ~Phil Wickham 4/2/2014


And then I found this on Instagram!! This IS his brother!!  LOL!!



2 days ago 

This is my brother, Evan Wickham (he's on the right). He's an awesome guy and a great worship leader. He's been leading at a conference in my place while I've been on vocal rest, and it has been amazing! You should seriously go get his new CD "Make Us One" on iTunes right now! 




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