Mar 26 2014
Newsboys & Billy Graham


"If it had not been for Billy Graham, I might not have been in the Newsboys, the song (God's Not Dead) might not have been recorded, and thus the movie may not have been made. It’s all really crazy to think about.” ~Duncan Phillips Newsboys' Drummer /

(Me-n-Duncan Phillips, and photobombing Producer Sherri, at Winterjam Houston 2014)

Could you imagine if there was no Newsboys?  Yes, that is CRAZY! Amazing article on about the Newsboys and thier role in the new movie "God's Not Dead."

Duncan Phillips (drummer)shares his story about how his parents brought him to a Billy Graham crusade in Australia when he was a child. He talks about how Graham ignited his parents' faith and how he followed in their footsteps. 

Duncan also hopes that God’s Not Dead is a message used much like Billy Graham’s message was used in his family life growing up. 

“Our youth get hit with things like this kid does in the movie. A time will come where each person who calls himself or herself a Christian will have to defend the faith. We should all be equipped to do that. My hope is that people will go to see this movie, and that they will bring their friends along. Most importantly, I hope this movie will be used to galvanize their faith. Just like Billy Graham was used with my parents—and ultimately, with me.”


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