Mar 06 2014
KJ-52 Breaks World Record!

Check the video for KJ-52's new song "Tonight"

"He's broken the mold from day one, and now KJ-52 is breaking records! He and a team of fellow rappers recently broke the world record for the longest team freestyle. Held at Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida, the crew, which included Sicily, Jerrell Johnson, Isaac Knox, Heir Jordan, Goldinchild and the originator himself, KJ-52, went an astonishing 13 hours straight. Team work, audience participation and a lot of grit kept the artists fresh and the ideas flowing.  The broken record precedes his forthcoming album, Mental, releasing April 22"  See more at: CCM Magazine 

One of my favorite on-line resources for Christian Music is Check out this cool Google Hang Out they did with KJ-52! 

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