Feb 06 2014
Inspiration w/ Jamie Grace

"I've been serving Jesus all my life .. why wouldn't He fix me? I took it personal" ~Jamie Grace


Jamie Grace has such an inspiring story of how God wouldn't let her being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at age 11 stop her from sharing the encouragement of Jesus Christ with others!


Frustration, doubt, and fear isn't enough to stop our GOD!!!!


"When you serve a big GOD it's hard to be surprised when HE does BIG STUFF!" ~ Jamie Grace


Jamie’s segment with 700 Club Interactive aired last week on ABC Family to viewers across the country. After performing a bit from her humbling track “Little Ol’ Me,” Jamie chronicled the physical and mental conditions she’s endured on the way to becoming a GRAMMY®-nominated artist, including her battle with Tourette syndrome, OCD and anxiety. 


Jamie continues to thrill audiences as a part of the ever popular “The Roadshow 2014” tour alongside the likes of Skillet, Third Day, Royal Tailor, Andy Mineo and more. To view her complete tour schedule, visit www.jamiegrace.com.

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