Jan 23 2014
Driving To Chemo

"This is called "Hope" (Driving to Chemo) 


It's for an Air1 listener. And maybe you.


A woman named Susie, a young mom of two, called into the show, and let us know that she was driving to chemo, and how she appreciated the encouragement from the station. And how she so needed to hear God wasn't going to leave her.


We started thinking, "What if we could make something for her to listen to, SPECIFICALLY for the drive to chemo? Something just with scriptures to remind her of the love of God, and how He's not letting her go? Something she could just pop in her CD player or iPod...?"


So I asked David Thulin, an artist/producer, if he had any music we could use. When he heard the story, he said he wanted to compose something entirely new for her. So he wrote this, and we added the scriptures.


You can download it here, if you want it. And if you know anyone who has they're own "drive to chemo" moments, and want the intro personalized for him or her, let us know. We can send it along." ~ Brant


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