Jan 20 2014
In the park w/ OBB!

(Photo: Turning Point PR)

"Zach (21), Jacob (19) and Nich (18) share a room, a homeschool history, and even an iTunes account. Luckily, the three siblings from Atlanta seem fairly agreeable. Lovers of all-things music, the brothers have been sharpening their musical abilities for as long as they can remember. 
After being encouraged by their grandmother to enter the CBS Early Show’s “Singing Family Face-Off” in 2009, the talented Oswald Brothers Band placed third in the competition garnering national notoriety. The boys began honing their chops, mowing lawns and teaching music lessons in their spare time to finance their music addiction, until Curb Records took notice and signed them to a record deal in 2012." OBBmusic.com


You should follow them on Instagram if you don't yet!  They post some fun stuff!  Like this:

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