Jan 07 2014
Jonathan Thulin’s Brother Makes Music Also!!

Jonathan Thulin’s Brother Makes Music!

 David Thulin talks about the making of Reconstruction Vol 2.1.

 Swedish producer, David Thulin is proud to announce the first of 2 EPs from the second volume of the Reconstruction series simply titled, Reconstruction Vol 2.1.  After a successful debut of Reconstruction featuring artists such as Group 1 Crew, Manic Drive, Silverline and Beckah Shae, David releases new remixes of Natalie Grant, Press Play, Rapture Ruckus, Shine Bright Baby, Jonathan Thulin and his debut single, "Light In Me" (feat. Nicole Croteau).  

Listen to David's first single, "Light In Me” feat. Nicole Croteau, an original track.   Check out the song below:


Track listing:

  1. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau)
  2. Architecture by Jonathan Thulin (David Thulin Remix)
  3. Love Audio by Press Play (David Thulin vs Matthew Parker Remix)
  4. Beautiful Love by Shine Bright Baby (David Thulin Remix)
  5. In Crowd by Rapture Ruckus (ft. Soul Glow Activatur) (David Thulin Remix)
  6. This Is Love by Natalie Grant (David Thulin Remix)


For more information about David Thulin and Reconstruction go to his page on www.DreamRecords.org


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