Nov 21 2013
From Homeless to Jesus

"I woke up on the right side of the dirt today."

"I am here today, I am alive today, I am a MAN OF GOD today, and I am THANKFUL"

About one year ago, every single one of these 11 men, were homeless.  Because of the love of Jesus Christ and the servanthood of the Union Gospel Mission Rehabilitation Program in Sacramento, CA, these men have HOPE, these men have JESUS. 

"These men all are now SAVED BY JESUS CHRIST. They are now the light to other homeless men in the shelter"  Vince Harris, UGM President 

Last week I was honored to be invited by UGM to go to the 2013 Graduation Ceremony.  Little did I know how much these men would touch my heart. 

"Christ scooped me out of my darkness"  A graduate 

They each gave their testimony as they received there certificates.  Stories of abandonment, prison, drug and alcohol addiction, lost jobs, broken families, lonelieness,  and lost hope filled the room.  Each man, each story, all healed by the love of Jesus Christ shown to them through the Union Gospel Mission.  

"I realized I can't do this on my own, I need God"  All the graduates

It is so powerful to see how the love of Jesus Christ changes lives. He can take any one's life and make it new!  He took all these men from Homeless to Jesus.

"I came to the doors of UGM broken.  'Come on in'  a man said to me. It was like God was speaking through him"  A graduate

These men were transformed becuase of the rehab program at UGM.  They had rules, strict rules, and they had to work inside the mission, they had curfews, they had to learn the Bible, attend church, they had to be in close quarters with men they didn't know, and they were tempted by other homeless men who were still struggling, just showing up to the mission for the free meals every day.  They had to learn how to LOVE others like Jesus LOVES them. 

"I had to learn how to LOVE others who were gettin on my nerves and still using, I had to learn to be the light of Jesus inside the shelter.. that made me a better, stronger man" A Graduate

Do you know someone in your life who is on the streets, in prison, or addicted to drugs and alcohol? Are you this person?  Look for places like UGM in your area, it just may be what you or the person you know may need and not even know about it. I am a recovering addict.. I was addicted to cocaine.  I have been clean now for 6 years, thanks to the love of Jesus Christ. HE CHANGES LIVES.  

"No Matter what sins you've made, Jesus did not die on the cross for nothing.." Vince Harris UGM President

If you ever doubt the POWER of transformation through the love of Jesus Christ, visit a Rehab Program like this one at the Union Gospel Mission in Sacramento, CA and talk to men who have a LIFE CHANGING adventure from

Homeless to Jesus. 



"Ministering to the Homeless"


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