Nov 15 2013
"God Doesn't Have a GPS"

I have to admit to you that I have been skeptical about charities outside of the USA.  My attitude was "we need help in our own backyards!"

 Until I was given the opportunity to go to Lima, Peru with Compassion International, then my attitude completely changed.  I was once told "God doesn't have a GPS, he works everywhere." And I was humbled when I visited Compassion International Schools in Lima, Peru. Children's smiling faces changed my perception of everything.



The joy is just one of the many blessings God is giving to these children through Compassion International.  They not only learn about Jesus, they receive help with their education, they get to socialize with other children, and they are cared for and loved. They have hope for their future. 

Their lives are completely changed!

I wanted to share with you part of htis journey through the smiles of these BEAUTIFUL Compassion International Children....



 They loved getting their photo taken..


This is Rosio, a college student in the Compassion International Leadership Development Program. We had SO MUCH FUN! We laughed all night!! She would not have the opportunity to be in college without her Compassion International sponsor...


They love selfies!


An amazing day with the Compassion Internationl Team in Lima, Peru..


You too can share in the joy of these kids!  Find out how you can be a Sponsor click here

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