Jul 18 2013
New Newsboys Video!

Live With Abandon” - Newsboys

GodTube Devotional

Written by Andrea Lucado

"Think about your most significant accomplishment in life to date. The one thing you are most proud of that you’ve done, written, said, worked for. It was a long time coming or it came out of nowhere, regardless, you are so proud of this thing.

Now imagine that a stranger comes along and tells you he has the most wonderful gift for you, bigger than anything you can ever dream of or imagine. It will change your life completely and for the better. It will change the lives of those around you, bring you more joy than you’ve ever felt. The catch: to receive this gift, you have to get rid of that accomplishment completely. Erase it from others’ memories, forget you did it, destroy the evidence. You will no longer be known as the man that accomplished so much but you will have this gift; you just have to trust it will be enough for you." Read more on GodTube


Newsboys - Live With Abandon (Official Lyric Video) from newsboys on GodTube.

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