Jul 09 2013
Meet & Greet w/ Skillet

SKILLET talks RISE at Billboard Magazine Studios

"The quartet recently stopped by Billboard's New York studios to discuss the set and the band's sturdy foundation on which it's built its following. Founding member John Cooper says that "Rise" is a conceptual album that tells the story of 'your average teenager coming of age and being faced with how terrible and tragic the world is. 'Rise' is the story of finding faith and salvation in God.' " ~ Billboard Mag


Skillet performs "Sick Of It" Live at Billboard Magazine Studios

"Skillet, which is touring North America this summer as part of the Carnival of Madness tour (along with bands including Shinedown and Sevendust) before heading to Europe on a bill with Nickelback, is one of the few bands that's been able to successfully straddle the secular and Christian markets. Cooper attributes its wide appeal to having stayed 'extremely loyal to our Christian roots. We proclaim our faith but we don't preach it.'" ~Billboard Mag

Skillet Performs "RISE" at Billboard Magazine Studios


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