Jul 01 2013
Chris Tomlin and Jamie Grace Hit the Big Screen!



Faith and family ties are tested when a talented young singer and aspiring songwriter goes against her worship-pastor father and pursues pop-music stardom in 

"GRACE Unplugged,"


Grace Trey (AJ Michalka) has just turned 18 and aspires to do more than sing in her church’s worship band, which is led by her father, Johnny Trey (James Denton), a one-time pop star who gave up his life in secular music when he became a Christian. Grace longs to escape his shadow and make a name for herself singing songs about something other than God, but Johnny warns her that fame is not as glamorous as it looks and reminds her that serving and worshipping God with the talent she’s been given is a far more worthwhile goal. Jamie Grace plays Rachel, Grace's best friend! And Chris Tomlin plays himself! Watch Jamie's debut her acting skills in the movie trailer below!

"GRACE Unplugged" soundtrack song listing*:

  1. "All I've Ever Needed" – AJ Michalka
  2. "Desert Song" – AJ Michalka
  3. "You Never Let Go" – AJ Michalka
  4. "Misunderstood" – AJ Michalka
  5. "Holding On" – Jamie Grace
  6. "Our God" – Chris Tomlin
  7. "Steal My Show" – TobyMac
  8. "In and Out of Time" – Colton Dixon
  9. "The Void" – Nine Lashes
  10.  "The Space Between Us" – Shawn McDonald
  11. "Welcome to Daylight" – Luminate
  12. "Amazing Grace" – Josh Wilson

The "GRACE Unplugged" movie soundtrack, set for release on August 27th

"GRACE Unplugged," a Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions feature film starring AJ Michalka, James Denton, Kevin Pollack, Jamie Grace and more, is slated to hit theatres nationwide October 4.

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