Jun 26 2013
Lovin' on Skillet!


The reviews are in and it seems everyone agrees – RISE was worth the wait! Nearly four years since Skillet's last album, the praises for RISE are pouring in with the project being called one of the "Best Rock Albums of the Year." 


And the adulation continues..


“Every note feels like it is there to convey an emotion and there is a laudable sense of in-the-moment intensity.”– HitFix.com 


"Bottom line: Skillet really did rise above the norm and their previous projects with RISE. Each and every song is a masterpiece in its own right...RISE is THE album of 2013."About.com 


"The songwriting has more depth, there’s added diversity, the concept and lyrics are interesting and uplifting...there are plenty of potential hit singles like ‘Sick Of It.’ Current Skillet fans will find plenty to like, and new fans will be attracted to the album as well."Loudwire.com


“RISE is Skillet’s strongest album yet and is one of the best rock albums that will be released this year.” - Front Row Report


"...it's hard to root against RISE, as its commercial aspirations are matched by its certainty that, despite the endless smackdowns delivered by the daily grind, goodness will ultimately prevail."AllMusic.com


Skillet's first ever VIP fan events titled "Road to Rise" in Nashville and Chicago were described as to "redefining the VIP experience." 


Mark your calendars!  The band's late night debut is on CONAN on July 11.

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